The NEW Fresh South Bunbury Marketplace IGA

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The NEW Fresh South Bunbury Marketplace IGA

MINNINUP Forum’s new IGA store is set to take locals by storm by transforming the popular supermarket into a fresh new marketplace with metropolitan pricing.

Locals will find a raft of changes at the new IGA store, which is set to open on June 30.

Along with new internal signage and layouts, the store will feature a gourmet deli with a huge range of continental cheeses and meats, continental mixed meat rolls and meals ready to go.

Designs for the new store supplied to the Mail highlight recycled wood textured throughout the store with chalk boards used in the produce section to keep up with what is in season.

The new owners have promised the store will have affordable prices for local families and something to cater for every demographic of the local area.

The owners, who also own the IGA in Augusta, have been in retail for 30 years and believe very strongly in supporting the local community.

This is just one of the reasons why they have taken the innovative step in setting metropolitan prices in the store.

Minninup Forum first opened in 1988 with a Charlie Carters grocery store.

Over the years, the supermarket changed hands to Dewsons and Farmer Jacks before its most recent incarnation as Woolworths.

Bunbury developer Citygate Properties manages the Minninup Road Shopping Centre which underwent a major renovation in recent years.

The centre is open daily from 7am to 9pm.

Article from The Bunbury Mail: